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CAbinet Appointments PD

I, Chirischtôval C. Lauramáintsch, Senechál del Regipäts Talossán, do hereby issue this Prime Dictate:

The cabinet shall consist of:

  • Deputy Prime Minister: Steven Ehrbar
  • Foreign Minister: Nathan Freeburg
  • Deputy FM: Steven Ehrbar
  • Micronational Affairs Minister: Albrec'ht Stolfi
  • Deputy MAM: Steven Ehrbar
  • Sec. of State: Johan Anglemark
  • Culture Minister: Tomás Gariçéir
  • Deputy CM: John A. Jahn
  • Stuff Minister: R. Ben Madison
  • Deputy SM: Chris Gruber
  • Immigration Minister: Gjermund Higraff
  • Attorney General: Gary Cone
  • Defence Minister: John Jahn
  • Deputy DM: Wes Erni
  • Wargames Minister: Wes Erni
  • Deputy WM: John A. Jahn
  • Minister of Silly Walks: Brook Gläfke
  • Deputy MoSW: Brook Gläfke
  • Minister w/o Portfolio: Matthias Muth

SVLR! C. Lauramáintsch

Prime Minister of Talossa

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