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34PD32 — Citizenship PD

I, Fritz von Buchholtz, Seneshal del Regipats Talossan, with the full weight and authority of my august position, do hereby and forthwith declare the following Prime Dictate:

WHEREAS the legality of the immigration of many recent immigrants to Talossan has lately been called into question because of alleged legal errors in the process of their naturalization, and

WHEREAS Article XII Section 1 and Article XI Section 5 of the Organic Law states that "the exact procedure for naturalization shall be determined by law" and that Prime Dictates "function as laws for all purposes,"

I therefore enact that, if in fact any or all of the following twenty people have not until this time been citizens of Talossa, that they are hereby and immediately naturalized as Talossan citizens, with all the rights of any other citizens: Dr. Javier Otto Jorge Gold Ferrari, Gary Hawkins, The Hon. Don Deutschmann, Eric Lenz, The Hon. John Woolley, Patti McCue, The Hon. Joe Clark, Peter Onsgard, The Hon. Manus Hand, The Hon. Victor Idowu, Kathy Reid, Oliver Brainerd, Zach Buchholtz, Cresti Matiwos Siervicul, Franz Buchholtz, The Hon. Sam Tyler, Patrick Woolley, The Hon. Maureen O'Hara, Corrine De Winter, George Dougherty.

Done under my hand this twelfth day of September, two thousand and five.

God Save the King!

Scribe's Note

  1. This Prime Dictate, coming as it did during the suit brought in the Uppermost Court by Wes Erni on behalf of former King Robert I (Erni v. Talossa) challenging the validity of the citizenships of the persons listed in this act, was vetoed by the Council of Regency for King Louis, on the basis that it would tend to validate by other means (and thus make the court case moot) citizenships that the Court was charged with determining as valid or as to be invalidated.

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