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Foreign Policy Statement Revision Act

INTRODUCTION: In March of 1990 the Cosâ, then under Leftist control, passed a so-called "Foreign Policy Statement" denouncing patriotism of any kind and declaring Talossa "disposable". DESTRUCTION: Therefore, the Cosâ, now under Centrist control, hereby repeals that offensive "Statement" (LC4.3.90) and enacts the following as the official statement of Talossa's government on such matters:

The Kingdom of Talossa is a community of persons whose lives would be less bright and whose political, spiritual, ethnic or national ambitions would be less fulfilled were it not for its existence. We can say the same for all other legitimate countries. The Kingdom celebrates the natural diversity of human languages and cultures, except when the latter become diseased and work to the moral, social, or spiritual detriment of their members or oppressive to minorities in their midst. We reaffirm our moral support (RC8.7.91) for secessionist movements in general, barring of course ones which seek terrorism or unreasonable territorial demands. We accept that one’s ultimate political obligation is to the nation to which one belongs, to the extent to which that nation enshrines social and economic liberty and tolerates the transition to sovereignty or others in its border. We broadly endorse the concept of "one people, one state", but also rejoice when peoples forge multiethnic states founded upon the consent of every constituent group

The Kingdom of Talossa regards as natural the lamentable condition of ethnic dominance and repression exercised by powerful nations against weaker ones, but preaches liberation based upon merit and not upon any flaky Jeffersonian abstractions of equality. Nations who are objectively "better" based on such factors as a literacy culture, family cohesion, and absence of social pathologies, will inevitably rise to greater heights of self-rule, regardless of political platitudes, so Talossa proclaims the objective social self-betterment of each national community as its clearest, brightest path to liberation and peace. Multiethnic states should leave their minorities alone to develop for themselves their own methods at social improvement, funded by their own resources. And ethnic minorities should stop whining about mistreatment until their own house is in order. Culturally-separatist ethnic groups who complain about the majority without clearly proving in their own communities that they could govern themselves any better than they are currently being governed, should be expelled politically (not physically) from the country--and given a proportional territorial base so they might become self-governing, sovereign states.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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