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34PD15 — Mourning for the Attack on London

I, Márcüs Cantaloûr, Seneschál del Regipäts Talossán, with the full weight and authority of my august position do hereby and forthwith declare the following Prime Dictate:

WHEREAS, on this day the City of London and its innocent inhabitants fell victim to senseless and brutal acts of violence, and

WHEREAS, the entire world joins with the people of the United Kingdom in both shock and grief,

THEREFORE a Day of Mourning shall be observed on Friday, July 8 2005 for all the souls who perished in this horrific attack. Remembrance must also be made of the many who have been both physically and psychologically scarred by these vicious bombings.

As Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Talossa, I express my sincere and deep sympathy to the families and loved ones of all the departed. I appeal to all Talossans to continue to work and pray for peace in this all too often savage world.

God Save The King!

Done under my hand this seventh day of July, two thousand and five.

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