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WHEREAS the process of appeals is a way for plaintiff and accused to protect themselves of unjust trials; and,

WHEREAS we want not to infringe upon this right to appeal, or to strike fear that the result might be worse when appealed; now,

THEREFORE know all citaxhiens by these present, that Title G, Section 4 of the Lexhatx shall be changed as follows:

A new subsection 4.3. shall be created after G.4.2., reading:

4.3. Under the principle of reformatio in peius, the worsening change of a verdict, no appellate court shall be allowed to change an appealed ruling in such a manner that would be disadvantageous to the petitioner.

4.3.1. In civil actions, appeals may be ruled in a detrimental manner to the appellant (reformationes in peius) only when both parties submit appeals.

4.3.2. In criminal procedures, reformationes in peius are forbidden whenever the appeal is lodged by the convict or in favour of the convict. In case of appeals from both parties, reformationes in peius detrimental to the convict shall be forbidden.

Uréu q'estadra så: Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun - (Attorney-General)