Law:Ratifying Cresti Siervicul for the Uppermost Cort

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35RZ19 — Ratification of the Nomination of CRESTI M. SIERVICÜL to a Vacancy on the Uppermost Cort

WHEREAS Senior Justice Dan Lorentz, writing for the Council of Regency, on 24 October 2005 nominated Cresti M. Siervicül to fill one of the two vacancies now existing on the Uppermost Cort,

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby ratifies the nomination of Cresti M. Siervicül to fill a vacancy on the Uppermost Cort, and requests that S:reu Siervicül accept the appointment.

Uréu q’estadra så:
Fritz von Buchholtz, Seneschál (MC, CLP)

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