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This law is currently

Ziu 46th Clark 2nd
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Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED
PER 132 — CON 123 — AUS 12

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED
PER 5 — CON 1 — AUS 2

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RZ6 - The 46th Cosa Budget Act

Whereas according to the Lexhatx D “2.1.5. The Seneschal shall be required to submit to the Ziu, in time for consideration by the the second Clark of the Cosa, a government bill approved by the whole Cabinet which shall contain the following: (38RZ15) a detailed budget listing all planned expenses of the State through the current Cosa, specifying the amounts to be requisitioned for each Cabinet Ministry or Officer of the Royal Household and the purpose of each such expense; any amount of the Treasury to be set aside for investment as directed by the Finance Minister and the investment policy that will be pursued; the total amount in louise of any planned currency minting and printing, and postage issuance to be executed by the Royal Bank & Post during the term of the current Cosa.”, and

Whereas this bill has been approved by all members of the cabinet, and

Whereas the Government Financial Report for Cosa 45 can be found here: wiki.talossa.com/Government_Financial_Report_for_Cosa_45 , and

Thererfore be it enacted by the Ziu that:

1) The Ministry of Stuff shall be allocated a budget, not to exceed ℓ134 ($201) for the payment of web registration and hosting fees of the websites currently paid for by King John.

2) The Ministry of Finance shall be allocated a budget as follws: - Alll funds that the ministry may raise through Kickstarter or similar funding methods, to be used in the production of 5,000 Talossan coins with a face value of ℓ1 each, for a total face value of ℓ5,000 ($7,500). - An amount, not to exceed ℓ320 ($480) in supplemental funding for the production of 5000 Talossan coins, as mentioned above. - ℓ14 ($21) to support requests by other ministries and/or offices of the - Royal Household for expenses not specifically budgeted.

3) The Ministry of Culture shall be allocated a budget, not to exceed ℓ30 ($45) for the production of an attractive plaque to be awarded to a business which has rendered service to or has been of cultural or historical importance to the Kingdom of Talossa.

4) The Wargames Bureau, falling under the Ministry of Culture, shall be allocated a budget, not to exceed ℓ8 ($12) to partially offset costs of sending awards to Talossan game champions.

5) Details of any project which monies from the above allocations will be spent will be publicly published, along with estimated costs, not less than two weeks before the actual purchase is made. Monies not allocated above shall be retained in the central fund. For security and administration purposes, all allocated monies shall remain in the central fund and, subject to approval by the Minister of Finance and provisions in this Act, may be drawn down on a case by case basis by each Minister.

6) No funds will be spent on the production of coins until the design and monetary policy for the coin issue has been approved by the Ziu.

7) The investment policy of Talossa for this Cosa is to leave funds in the interest-bearing bank account that serves as the central fund.

8) In accordance with the Lexhatx, the Government may later in this Cosa submit supplemental budgeting legislation for the approval of the Ziu.

Uréu q'estadra så: Glüc da Dhi - Seneschal, on behalf of His Majesty\'s Government.