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The Amalgamated Anti-Serbia Resolution

WHEREAS for yet another time in as many years, the forces of evil and oppression controlling the Serbian state have brought Europe to the brink of war; and

WHEREAS on 22 March 1999, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization authorized the United States and its allies to engage in war to order to bring about peace, for our ever-oppressed Sister Nation, the Albanians; and

WHEREAS this Parliament, this State, this Crown, this Nation, has long regarded the so-called "Republic of Serbia" as an aggressor state;

THEREFORE the Kingdom of Talossa:

DECLARES its approval of the actions taken by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the future actions of its members; REISSUES its declaration of war against the Serbian state; AFFIRMS its solidarity with the anti-Serbian allies and with the peoples of Kosovo; DEMANDS that peace be achieved in our time; SUPPORTS the removal of the forces of evil and oppression from power in the Serbian state; and ASKS that all citizens keep in their hearts, minds, and prayerrs, the innocent civilians that may lose homes, property, and live due to the obstinancy of said forces of evil and oppression.

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