Law:The Anti-Anti-Nationalism Act

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The Anti-Anti-Nationalism Act

In a law written by Dan Lorentz (LC4, 3/90), entitled Another Foreign Policy Statement, the Cosâ approved a bill which states, in part, that "devotion to one's nation should not be one's most important political obligation;" that such nationalism is "dangerous," "impedes human solidarity," and Talossa hereby "shits upon it." These idiotic and insolent remarks fly in the face of our Talossan nationalistic pride, especially the line that says "our (Talossan) 'nationality' is disposable," and it doesn't claim any "unconditional loyalty from us." Whereas the above statements conflict with out Constituziun's Vague Principle which speaks of "nationbuilding," and i's Preamble, which says "our responsibilities to our country are no less sacred a trust than those of other people to theirs," and "Talossa is a nation. This we swear!" Therefore the Cosâ hereby oveturns LC4 (3/90) lock, stock, and barrel.

Proposed by: John Jahn (PC-Maritiimi-Maxhestic); Robert Madison (PC-Vuode); Wes Erni (PC-Vuode)

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