Law:The Circumscribe the Scribe Act

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45RZ25, The Circumscribe the Scribe Act

This law is currently

Ziu 45th Clark 6th
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WHEREAS the legislative power of the Kingdom of Talossa is vested in the Ziu by the Organic Law, and

WHEREAS certain laws on the books purport to give individual unelected officials the authority to change duly-enacted statutes, and

WHEREAS this authority is supposed to be limited to such edits as do not affect the "scope" or "intent" of the statutes, but such determinations are subjective and may be abused,

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby:

1. Repeals 31RZ5, The Making Sense Bill, and 31RZ16, The Really Make Sense Act.

2. Amends 35RZ24, The Royal Household Cleaning Act, to delete the words "perform any clerical improvements to the same" from the description of the Scribery of Abbavilla in section 1 of that Act.

3. Directs the Scribe of Abbavilla to maintain all laws in L'Anuntzia dels Legeux, insofar as possible, with the same content that was approved by the Ziu, except that amending acts that refer to section numbers in pre-existing statutes that were changed by the Scribery shall be construed as referring to the equivalent section numbers in the amended statutes as originally enacted.

Uréu q'estadra sa,

C. M. Siervicül (MC, RUMP)

Scribe's Notes

  1. This act repealed The Making Sense Bill and The Really Make Sense Act, and amended The Royal Household Cleaning Act.

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