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The Electrabase Act

WHEREAS, the Kingdom of Talossa has just moved its national capital to Vindsvåning, in Ben Madison's upstairs office at Vuode Palace, and WHEREAS, nobody can pronounce it correctly, and WHEREAS the room's paint-job and décor (if one can call it "décor") reflect the King's seventh-grade obsession with the schlocky TV fantasy "Electrawoman and Dynagirl" (see Støtanneu #806), and WHEREAS the headquarters for these fantasy superheoines was called "ELECTRABASE", and WHEREAS the title "Electrabase" is not only fitting to the room for that reason but also conveys a sense of headquarters and of electric dynamism so vital to Talossa, THEREFORE, the Cosâ hereby changes the unpronounceable name of Vindsvåning and declares that ELECTRABASE is the national capital of the Kingdom of Talossa.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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