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36RZ8 — The Immigration Reform Reform Act

WHEREAS 35RZ22, The Umpteenth Immigration Reform Act, was passed nearly a year ago, and continues to serve the nation well, but

WHEREAS the Immigration Minister is required by the letter of that law to put the same old boilerplate admonitions in every introduction-of-a-prospective-citizen posting on Wittenberg, and

WHEREAS that would be booooring, so boring in fact that the Immigration Minister hasn’t been putting this stuff into the introductions, even though the law says she should, but it’s better the way she’s been doing it and we don’t want to make her a criminal so let’s just change the law, and

WHEREAS it would be better to start the immigration clock when the prospective citizen actually starts posting on Witt, rather than when his account is enabled, because the way it is now there's sometimes only a day or two between when he starts to post and when a citizenship petition is in order, and that isn't enough time, and

WHEREAS ten days probably isn't enough time anyway, and it should be increased a bit, and

WHEREAS nobody can figure out what the last sentence in Clause 8 even means,

WHEREAS the Ziu hereby AMENDS 35RZ22, the Umpteenth Immigration Reform Act, as follows:

  1. In the last sentence of Clause 3, the words “in this introductory posting” are amended to read “from time to time”.
  2. Clause 4 is amended to read:
    An examination period shall begin with the prospective citizen’s first posting to Wittenberg after his introduction by the Immigration Minister. At any time at least fifteen days after the beginning of the examination period, any current citizen of Talossa may petition the Secretary of State requesting that a Royal Grant of Citizenship be issued to the prospective citizen. If no such petition is laid before the Secretary of State within the first forty days of the examination period, the examination period shall end, the immigration process for the prospective citizen shall be terminated, and his Wittenberg account shall be disabled; in addition, the Secretary of State shall notify the Government and the prospective citizen of the termination of the process, and shall post a notification to the effect on Wittenberg.
  3. The last sentence of Clause 8 is deleted.

Uréu q'estadra så:
John Woolley, UrN (Senator for Florenciâ)

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