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23RZ33 — The Inclusion of Information Act

By the passing of this act, the Ziu requires the Immigration Minister to include the addresses, postal and/or electronic mail (as relevant) of each of the Talossan political parties that have registered in the previous election to incoming citizens and applicants. The list of addresses shall be unbiased and in alphabetical order, and shall include only one relevant address, by default the electronic mail address, or the postal address if an electronic mail address is unavailable. Furthermore, the list shall be included in a single location in the Ár Päts! text (for example, inside the front cover) when delivered to Talossan citizenship applicants. If the recipient of Ár Päts! is not a Talossan citizenship applicant, no such addresses will be included.

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Márcüs Pitz - (ZPT-Maricopa)

Scribe's Notes

  1. This act passed the Cosa 10-4-1 and the Senate 4-1-1.

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