Law:The Knowing Is Half The Battle Act II

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The "Knowing Is Half The Battle" Act II

Whereas, Talossans recognize that the information age has arrived, and Whereas, Threats from various malevolent organizations and entities are real, and Whereas, Our Minister of Defence has proven himself as an asset to Talossan national security; Therefore, The Ziu creates the "Primary Intelligence Group" which: Falls Under the direction of the Minister of Defence. Is chartered to collect, analyze and disseminate information vital to the security of the Kingdom of Talossa when directed to do so. Operates separately from, but in concert with all other domestic and allied information collection agencies, military organizations, law enforcement agencies and other groups as directed. Provides briefings as directed. Is never used to gather any type of information about citizens of the RT unless they post to another micronation's discussion group.

Uréu q'estadra så: Ron Rosalez - (PC-Vuode)

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