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The Mar Noastra! Act

17 RC23 - THE MÁR NOASTRA! ACT Whereas "Lake Michigan" is a name imposed on our lake by foreign imperalist powers which has nothing to do with Talossa, or our ancient Berber heritage or anything like that,

Therefore, the Cosâ hereby officially renames Lake Machigan as the TALOSSAN SEA (Már Talossan), and also authorises the use of the name "Már Noastra" to represent this great body of water.

Furthermore, to try and get John Jahn to vote for this bill, the Cosâ also lauds him for his years of service to Talossa and for his normally wise conduct as Prime Minister.

Finally, to try and get Wes Erni to vote for this bill, the Cosâ hereby offers B.A. Beach as a training ground for anti-Castro Cubans (as long as they didn't shoot JFK) to make the 90-mile swim to Chicago in training for their 90-mile swim to Cuba to overthrow Jack Schneider's last bastion of hope and set up Gloria Estefan as dictator (with Emilio as minister of finance).

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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