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33RZ17 — The Marc Moisan Nomination Act

A vacancy currently exists in the Uppermost Cort founded in 1987. In my capacity as lawful head of state, I hereby recommend to the Ziu that Marc Moisan of Ataturk Province be speedily approved as a Justice of the Uppermost Cort to fill this vacancy and to join Senior Justice Ken Velmeir and Justice Dan Lorentz on Talossa’s highest court. Mr Moisan has an extraordinary legal mind and a tremendous attention to detail which is vital to the Cort’s ability to fairly judge cases within the context of existing law. His reticence in taking the nomination offered to him is evidence, were any more needed past his excellent conduct as a citizen, a patriot, and as Acting Secretary of State, of the integrity he brings to the bench. As a Canadian-Talossan, Mr Moisan, if confirmed, will be the first Justice of the Uppermost Cort to have been born outside the Talossan-US cultural continuum and shall provide a vital global perspective for the Cort.

Ureu q’estadra sa:
King Robert I

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