Law:The Mowhan Embassy Act

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23RZ28 — The Mowhan Embassy Act

WHEREAS the Mowameddo Regime has been peaceful with the RT; and

WHEREAS both Mowhans and Talossans have expressed a wish to have diplomatic relations; and

WHEREAS Albrec'ht Stolfi has been awarded a diplomatic visa by the Mowhan Government;

THEREFORE Albrec'ht Stolfi is hereby recognized by the Ziu as first Talossan ambassador to the Mowameddo Regime, and the Ziu also recognizes the institution of the Talossan Embassy to Mowameddo.

Noi urent q'estadra så:
Robert Ben Madison - (Immigration Minister)
Charles Sauls - (PC-Florenciâ)

Scribe's Notes

  1. This act was repealed by the passage of 25RZ50, The Semi-Permeable Wall Act.

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