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36RZ13 — The Murder of Crows Act

WHEREAS 23RZ3 (The Crow Act) designated the crow as the national bird of the Kingdom of Talossa, and

WHEREAS said "Crow Act" asserted, arguably mistakenly, that crows travel in "huge herds" or "flocks," and

WHEREAS the proper term for a group of crows is said to be a "murder," and

WHEREAS the fact that more than one crow being a "murder of crows" makes them all the more cool, and

WHEREAS an inadequate understanding of the coolness of crows may result in some future Cosâ deciding to replace it with another bird found in the GTA, such as the Common Grackle, and

WHEREAS the Common Grackle is mos' def uncool, and

WHEREAS those Talossans who think that ravens are cooler than crows should be informed that ravens are actually a TYPE of crow, now

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby

  1. Reaffirms the crow as the National Bird of the Kingdom of Talossa, with full knowledge and awareness of the coolness thereof, and
  2. Officially makes a murder of crows (in Talossan, 'n asasinà da crovâs) the National Group of Birds.

Uréu q'estadra så:
Mick Preston (MC, RUMP)

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