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42RZ3 — The Penguin Awareness Day Act

WHEREAS the Kingdom of Talossa has made the wise decision to recognise animals that are an integral part of our national consciousness through thoughtful implementation of legislation such as 40RZ19 (The Squirrel Appreciation Act), which designates each January 21st as a day of observance, and

WHEREAS in seemingly every other Cosa some always ill-fated attempt — including 41RZ11 (The Diet Coke of Provinces: Péngöpäts Amendment) and 38RZ1 (The Péngöpäts: Land of Fun Amendment) — has been made to convert our penguin-adorned territory into a province, and

WHEREAS although such attempts have consistently failed to pass the Ziu (failing even to gain the votes of their sponsors), the fact remains that there is clearly (or apparently, or perhaps) a desire to recognise and assist Péngöpäts in some manner, and

WHEREAS there exists (although no one seems to know exactly why) a penguin-related day of observance, surprisingly close to the date of Squirrel Appreciation Day, and

WHEREAS the mysterious and unexplained pre-existence of this day of observance presents an innocuous opportunity to see if maybe officially adding it to the Talossan calendar might quench the stubborn desire to recognise and assist Péngöpäts (not to mention actually facilitate the said recognition and assistance), now

THEREFORE, Be It Hereby Resolved That the 20th of January of each year be designated a day of observance by the Kingdom of Talossa, on which date shall be celebrated PENGUIN AWARENESS DAY, and

FURTHERMORE, the Kingdom of Talossa shall encourage all Talossans on that day to

  1. pay tribute to the lives of penguins, through reflection on the existence of the order Sphenisciformes, family Spheniscidae, and the Territory of Péngöpäts and;
  2. visit penguins in the wild (preferably in the Territory of Péngöpäts) or at a zoo, or observe and study penguins through video, books, or otherwise, or to dress in penguin-y hued raiment, or to act as if they were in fact a penguin sometime during that day, or to use the Linux operating system in some manner, or to watch a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game, or to consider the careers of third-baseman Ron Cey and actors Burgess Meredith and Danny DeVito, and
  3. support a conservation group such as SANCCOB (The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds; yes, how they got "SANCCOB" out of that is a mystery to us too), the Penguin Foundation, or their local zoo.

Noi urent q'estadra sa:
Baron Hooligan (MC, RUMP)
Capt. Sir Mick Preston (MC, RUMP)

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