Law:The Postmaster-General Establishment Act

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The Postmaster-General Establishment Act

Whereas, Talossa has not yet established the position of Postmaster-General, and

Whereas, this title of Postmaster-General will bring a certain amount of dignity to Talossa, and

Whereas, other nations besides Talossa operate postal systems, and

Whereas, Mark Hamilton is the lone postal worker in Talossa and has a general interest in all philatelic and postal matters,

Therefore, the Ziu hereby grants unto Mark Hamilton the title of Postmaster-General of Talossa. This position of Postmaster General is to be purely honourary and ceremonial in nature until such a time as Talossa may be in a position to operate a postal system.

Uréu q'estadra så: Mark Hamilton - (MN-Atatürk)

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