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The Provincial Simplification Amendment

Articles 85-90 are hereby redone as follows:

Art. 85. Talossa is made up of Provinces and Territories based (since the law of 1984) around defined geographic blocks called cantons (i.e., census tracts). Provincial/Territorial borders may only be changed by the Cosâ.

Art. 86. All Talossan citizens shall belong to the Province or Territory in which they live. Citziens living outside of Talossa are assigned to the Province or Territory they live closest to, unless exception is made by law.

Art. 87. Territories are cantons (or groups thereof) which are not self-governing. They are administered by Governors appointed for an indefinite period by the Cosâ.

Art. 88. Provinces are cantons (or groups thereof) which are self-governing and autonomous. They are administered by by constitutional governments (either presidential or parliamentary) elected democratically in the Province. Provinces must hold elections once every two years, or sooner. Provincial constitutions must allow provincial laws to be overturned by national law.

Art. 89. No Province has the right to secede from the Kingdom of Talossa, or to pass any law which contravenes the rights and principles enumerated in this Constituziun.

Art. 90. In all things, national law is superior to provincial law. The Cosâ may, when it is clear that the Province is attempting illegal, unconstitutional, or secessionist activities, or when it becomes demonstrably imperative, suspend the constitutional government of a Province by law.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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