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The Provincial Status for Cézembre Act

WHEREAS, the island of Cézembre, a Talossan colony, is an integral part of Talossa, and, WHEREAS, the colony currently has more residents than Florencia Province, and,

WHEREAS, Cézembre has expressed a desire to become a Province per Article 88 of the Talossan Constituziun of 1988, receiving all of the rights, duties and obligations therein, and, WHEREAS, the Cosâ has historically tried to ensure that official names of geographical and political areas provide a sense of the history of our great nation,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the 21st Cosa of Talossa that the Talossan possession known as Cézembre be granted all rights, duties and obligations provided under Article 88 of the Talossan Constituziun of 1988 by conveying upon it the status of Province.

Uréu q'estadra så: Gjermund Higraff (ZPT-Cézembre)

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