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WHEREAS the Kingdom of Talossa lays claim to the atmosphere above our beloved provinces and territory, and

WHEREAS this claim can certainly be said to extend to the furthest reaches of space, and

WHEREAS since the earth revolves and rotates and even sometimes shimmies, this pretty much could be said (if we don't do too much study, and why should we start now?) to give the Kingdom a valid claim to the entire universe, and

WHEREAS the Kingdom has not yet explored this vast territory (and lack thereof), despite all the almost certain Talossanity out there, and

WHEREAS the Kingdom has lately been fortunate enough to get a real live rocket scientist as a citizen (which leaves just a brain surgeon left on our to-do list), and

WHEREAS the said real live rocket scientist brings with him a real live rocket, which has already become the first space vehicle to be adopted as Talossan (albeit a space vehicle in name only, and maybe not even that, seeing as how it is limited to travel that does not include travel into space yet, but hey, baby steps), and

WHEREAS to properly manage our great nation's new space program, a bureau, agency, or some other red-tape generating group is definitely needed not only to slow things to a grinding halt but to study the space we might someday claim for our own, and to plan for the future conquest of that space by our nation (unless we run into unfriendly aliens, when we'll simply offer our trademark invincible moral support to whoever else we can find to do our fighting for a while, in the Talossan tradition), and

WHEREAS we were somehow obviously unknowingly guided in the decision to form a space agency by the longstanding, albeit unappointed, Royal Commission on Space and Cool Space Stuff, which was proposed long ago by our current Túischac'h, S:reu John McGarry, now

THEREFORE be it resolved by the Ziu of the Kingdom of Talossa that:

  1. the Royal Commission on Space and Cool Space Stuff is hereby officially disbanded with the thanks of the Ziu for all the herculean efforts that would have been expended by the Royal Commissioners, had they ever been appointed, and * a new executive agency is created, to be named El Büreu d'Esploraziun Espaçal es Rac'hetría (BEER), or in English the Bureau of Space Exploration and Rocketry, and
  2. the Seneschal shall have the power to determine the proper ministry to assume responsibility for this bureau, and
  3. the Ziu calls upon the Seneschal to appoint with utmost haste a BEER Head, so that this nation's space program can get off the ground
  4. so to speak.

Uréu q'estadra sa:
Hooligan (MC, RUMP)

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