Law:The Senatorial Medal of Honour Act

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The Senatorial Medal of Honour Act

WHEREAS the Upper House of this legislature has very few things that it alone can do, things that set it a part from the Cosa; and

WHEREAS the Senate should honestly have a little more dignity, being the Upper House; and

WHEREAS a good way to accomplish this would be to have the Senate invest a person with a very special honour;

THEREFORE the Ziu creates the Senatorial Medal of Honour, to be awarded by the Senate for meritorious or honourable service to State or Nation. This award, awarded only and solely by a resolution in the Senate given the Royal Assent, will be the highest honour bestowed by the Talossan legislature. This award has a single class, and recipients may, in official RT affairs, affix the initials "S.H." (Senatorial Honour) after his/her name.

Noi urent q'estadreu så: Matt Dabrowski - (PC-Vuode) Gjermund Higraff - (ZPT-Cézembre)

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