Law:The Senators are People, not Parties Amendment

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This amendment
is PENDING ratification.

It amends the following:
Organic Law, Article IV

Ziu 50th Clark 2nd
Sponsored by: Ian Plätschisch

Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED
PER 114 — CON 48 — AUS 26

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED
PER 6 — CON 2 — AUS 0

LesserSealBadge.png Referendum: PENDING
Per — Contra — Austanéu

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50RZ2, The Senators are People, not Parties Amendment

WHEREAS The number one duty of any senator is to represent their province, and

WHEREAS Party politics gets in the way of this duty, and

WHEREAS There is already plenty of party politics in the Cosa, so it is not needed in the Senate, and

WHEREAS Voters who vote for a party in a Senate election may not even know who they are actually voting for, and

WHEREAS This is problematic, because provinces are represented by individuals in the Senate, not by parties

THEREFORE, Org.IV.5, which currently reads:

A political party may endorse a candidate for any vacant Senate seat. In the event that a voter specifies that party as his choice for that Senate seat and the election is conducted by the Chancery, his vote shall be counted for the candidate so endorsed.

is hereby repealed.

Urameux q’estadra så:
Ian Plätschisch - (MC-MRPT)
Glüc da Dhi - (MC-MRPT)

Éovart Grischun - (Sen-VD)