Law:The Talossan Names for Maricopan Cantons Act

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The Talossan Names for Maricopan Cantons Act

WHEREAS according to the OrgLaw, the Talossan Language is the only official language of our nation; and

WHEREAS this doesn't seem to be respected, since many official names of cantons and provinces are in other languages, mainly English; and

WHEREAS this is the case of Maricopa, where the cantons are named after past PMs in Talossan history (Jack Schneider, Bob Murphy, Sandee Prachel, Tom Buffone, Wes Erni, and Frédéric Maugey), whose names are not Talossan in origin; and

WHEREAS these past PMs have names which can be translated into the Talossan language; and

WHEREAS this means the place-names derived from them could also have Talossan forms;

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby states that the cantons known as Schneideriâ, Murphysboro, Prachelion, Buffoniâ, Weserniâ, and Frédéricville, now have official Talossan forms, respectively: Taglhéiriâ, Zueriéiriâ, Sandadiâ, Paliaçéliâ, Ovestiâ, and Vilátx Fréiric. The non-Talossan forms may be used as an alternative by those not familiar with the Talossan Language, although The Ziu encourages all Talossan citizens to use the Talossan forms as a way of demonstrating respect and admiration for our wonderful language and our great nation.

Uréu q'estadra så: Albrec'ht Stolfi (TCP-Maricopa)

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