Law:The Talossan Reproductive Population Increase Act

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6RC4 — The Talossan Reproductive Population Increase Act

WHEREAS marriage results in sex, and

WHEREAS sex results in children, and

WHEREAS Talossans (as individuals or in a group) may someday decide to marry, which will lead to sex and children, now

THEREFORE be it resolved that any child born to one or more Talossan parents after September 1st, 1987, is to be considered a First Class Citizen of the Kingdom of Talossa, and upon attaining the age of 14 will assume full political rights, including the right to vote.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

Scribe's Note: Children who have at least one natural or adoptive parent who was a Citizen of Talossa at the time of the child's birth, are native-born Talossan Citizens and are called "Dandelions". This is in accordance with Article XVIII, Section 7 of the 1997 Organic Law of the Kingdom of Talossa, which superceded this Act.

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