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22RZ26 — The Zed-Heads Act

WHEREAS, Talossa has historically maintained an air of cultural distinctiveness vis-à-vis the United States; and

WHEREAS, nearly all of Talossa's far-flung world-wide diaspora speak English with a distinctly non-American flavour; and

WHEREAS, the letter "Z" is called "zed" in the English language outside the United States; and

WHEREAS, Paul Roberts and Jon Peck have immortalized this pronunciation in the first-ever Talossan radio programme;

THEREFORE, this Cosâ hereby confers upon the letter "Z" the official name of "zed" and encourages all Talossans to call it by that name in all positions and recitations of the English alphabet.

Scribe's Notes

  1. Records indicating the fate of this bill are not in the possession of the Scribery. However, if it passed, this bill would have been classified as ephemeral in its nature and is therefore so classified.

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