Law:The la Sigürità Act

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The la Sigürità Act

Whereas, Talossa has no law enforcement apparatus, and, Whereas, the recent events at Riverside University High School demonstrate the need for ruthless response to crime and civil unrest, Therefore the Cosâ hereby enacts the following into law: Law enforcement in Talossa is vested in a national police force known as la Sigürità ['Security']. The head of the Sigürità shall be a Janet Reno-type cabinet-level post known as the Minister for Internal Security. The Sigürità shall assume the rôles of police department, Justice Department, FBI, and CIA with full investigative functions. All actions of the Sigürità shall be subject to Cosâ oversight, except those dealing with sensitive security matters, which shall be overseen by the Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister. Pending changes in American laws which would enable the Sigürità to fuly discharge its duties, the Sigürità shall not engage in any activity which violates American law. It may, of course, never engage in any activity which violates Talossan law.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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