Law:Yet Another Conflict Removal (Cosa Lists) Prime Dictate

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Prime Dictate

Status: This law is currently

It amends the following:
El Lexhatx

Issued by: Arms.png HM Government
Seneschal: Lüc da Schir
Date: February 12, 2017

50PD02, Yet Another Conflict Removal (Cosa Lists) Prime Dictate

WHEREAS 49RZ23 proposes adding a new subsection to Lex.B.2 which already exists; and

WHEREAS even though the text explicitly says "Other subsubsections in B.2 are renumbered accordingly", better safe than sorry; and

WHEREAS this also allows me to clarify B. by adding the word "maximum"; so

THEREFORE subsection B.2 of El Lexhatx is hereby struck in its entirety and replaced with the following:



2. The Secretary of State shall make available, through a website dedicated to this purpose, the text of the election ballot. (33RZ5)

2.1 The ballot shall, for the next general election, contain a space for a yes or no vote on Organic Law amendments passed during this Cosa, as well as contain spaces for provincial and senatorial voting.
2.2 The Ballot can also include for each referendum up to one 50-words essay per party with Cosa Members, each marked as being either in favor of the amendment or against the amendment. The argument's signatures are not counted in the 50 words limit. (47RZ19)

2.3 The ballot must also include, for each party contesting the election, a list of citizens to whom the party intends to award Cosa seats. If a party does not submit a candidate list to the Secretary of State before the election, the party leader is assigned all seats won, and seats which cannot be held by the Party Leader are forfeited.

2.3.1 Before the conclusion of the first Clark, each party leader must submit to the Secretary of State a report containing the distribution of the seats won in the election

. The party leader may assign seats to any eligible citizen(s) they see fit, so long as the following criteria are met: The party's internal procedures are followed No one who was not named on the list is assigned more seats than any eligible citizen who was named on the list The total number of seats awarded to those not on the list does not exceed 1/3 of all seats won by the party No person occupies more than the maximum legal number of seats. Any person assigned a seat as above may decline to take their seats in which case they will be reallocated according to the criteria of B. If a party cannot assign all of their seats under the criteria of B., the additional seats are forfeited.

2.4 The ballot shall be in a .pdf or other graphical format. The ballot shall have space on it for the voter to indicate his name and relevant contact information.
2.5 Clear voting instructions in both Talossan and English will be included with each ballot.
2.6 In order to be counted in the election, the ballots must be received by the Secretary of State on or before election day.