Bureau of Home Affairs

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Ministry of Home Affairs
Current Head: Ian Plätschisch
Function: Oversees Cestour relations and Talossan involvement and affairs within the Greater Talossan Area.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (Talossan: El Büreu dels Afaes Înphätseschti, pronounced [əɫ ˈbyɾɪʊ̯ dəɫz‿ɐˈfaɪ̯s ɨnˈfæt͡seʃtʲ] or [əw ˈbyɾɪʊ̯ ðəwz‿ɐˈfaɪ̯s ɨnˈfæt͡seʃtʲ]) is responsible for the order and well-being of the homeland and its environs. It provides a public presence in or near the Greater Talossan Area, and assists in the organization of official events held therein, and sees to any needs of the cestours (non-citizen residents) that merit attention by the government of Talossa.

The Minister of Home Affairs is sometimes known as "MinHome" or "MinHom".

The Ministry of Home Affairs includes the following two bureaus:

The Ministry of Home Affairs also maintains the National Registry of Organizations, Communities, and Landmarks.