Ministry of Justice

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Ministry of Justice
Current Head: Cresti Nouacastra
Function: To advise the government on the law, defend it from suit, and to prosecute misdeeds among the citizenry.

The Ministry of Justice provides legal advice and assistance to the government as requested. The holder of the portfolio of this ministry is known as the Avocat-Xheneral (Attorney-General). He and his subordinate officers prosecutes actions brought by the government and defend the government against actions brought against it in the Kingdom's courts. The Attorney-General is sometimes known by the abbreviations "A-X" or "A-G."

That currently the post of the Avocat-Xheneral is held by Cresti Nuoacastra.

NEW: Got any complaints about the administration of Justice in Talossa? Please fill out File:Complaint Form English.pdf (eða, schi voi preferetz el glheþ naziunál, File:Squetschat da Quest Glhetg.pdf), and send it to