Ministry of the Interior

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Ministry of the Interior
Current Head: Éovart Grischun
Function: Oversees defence, immigration, Cestour relations and affairs within the Greater Talossan Area.

The Ministry of the Interior was created in 2014 under Lüc da Schir's first term as Seneschal. It merges in one single Ministry the previously existent Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Immigration and Ministry of Defense, which are now all Bureaus of the Interior Ministry headed by non-Cabinet level appointees.

Due to inheriting the functions of the three previous ministries, its functions are generally:

  • Overseeing the defense of the Kingdom;
  • Promoting and managing immigration to the Kingdom;
  • Overseeing Cestour relations and Talossan involvement and affairs within the Greater Talossan Area;
  • Coordinating relations between the national government and the provinces;

The current Minister of the Interior is Éovart Grischun.

List of Ministers

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