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Royal Talossan Bar
Current Head: Litz Cjantscheir
Function: To supervise the practice of law in Talossa.

The Royal Talossan Bar is a mandatory (integrated) bar that supervises the practice of law in Talossa. Any person wishing to practise law as a barrister, solicitor, lawyer, or attorney must be a member of the Royal Talossan Bar, and the Bar is in charge of legal education and certification.

The Royal Talossan Bar

The Royal Talossan Bar (RTB) is a mandatory (integrated) bar and a voluntary legal association of Talossan Lawyers (sorry to disappoint those that thought the was the other "bar") that was established by the The Talossan Bar Act (32RZ11). Prior to this Act, the practice of law was largely unregulated and citizens of Talossa in need of legal services had no assurance that the lawyers they hired had had even minimum legal training or any legal training at all. To address this situation, the Ziu passed the Talossan Bar Act to make it mandatory for "any person wishing to practise law as a barrister, solicitor, lawyer, or attorney" to be a member of the Royal Talossan Bar. Therefore, lawyers (or any legal professionals) are required to join the bar in order to practice law in a Talossan Court.

The use of the term "bar" to mean "the whole body of lawyers, the legal profession" comes ultimately from English custom. In the early 16th century, a railing divided the hall in the Inns of Court, with students occupying the body of the hall and readers or Benchers on the other side. Students who officially became lawyers crossed the symbolic physical barrier and were "admitted to the bar". Later, this was popularly assumed to mean the wooden railing marking off the area around the judge's seat in a courtroom, where prisoners stood for arraignment and where a barrister stood to plead. In modern courtrooms, a railing may still be in place to enclose the space which is occupied by legal counsel as well as the criminal defendants and civil litigants who have business pending before the court.

Aims and objectives of the Royal Talossan Bar

The Royal Talossan Bar aims:

  • To provide its clients, through our members, with a high level of expertise in all areas of law and skilled advocacy (pleading a case) by people of integrity and independence.
  • To represent the legal profession at the national level,
  • To speak on behalf of our members on national issues affecting the legal profession
  • To promote the administration of justice, access to justice and general improvement of the law.
  • To seek to ensure that the benefits of the administration of justice are reasonably and equally available to all members and citizens of the Kingdom.
  • To promote fair and honourable practice amongst Lawyers and to suppress, discourage and prevent malpractice and professional misconduct.
  • To inquire into questions as to professional conduct and etiquette of Lawyers

Chancellor of the Royal Talossan Bar

The Royal Talossan Bar, headed and managed by the Chancellor of the Royal Talossan Bar, who is chosen by the Senäts with a majority vote, to serve the people of Talossa as the top legal mind, separate from the political structure. S/He has powers to approve or remove Bar candidates or its members to the Royal Talossan Bar along with overseeing the running and internal administration of the Royal Talossan Bar.

The current Chancellor of the Royal Talossan Bar is Litz Cjantscheir, who took office on 21 May 2010 after the passage of 41RS1.

The Royal Law Academy

The Royal Law Academy is a branch of Royal Talossan Bar was established by Talossan Statute 43RZ9 and charged with the education and training of citizens in the field of Talossan Law and any other subject or field necessary to the properly equip students in the practise to the highest professional standard required from them.

The Academy is the sole educational institute in Talossa charged with the education of Law and the education of Trainee Lawyers and/or Barristers and/or Solicitors in Talossan Law.

The Academy also has exclusive and inalienable rights to confer Diplomas, Degrees, be they Bachelor or Masters and Doctorates in Talossan Law. Persons who complete a course in The Academy and reach the course’s pass requirements, shall be entitled to bear the initials, Dip.T.L and/or B.T.L and/or M.T.L and/or D.T.L and/or PhD.T.L, as applicable to courses s/he has passed and awards conferred upon him/her.

Members of the Bar

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