Orders of Knighthood

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The Orders of Knighthood in the Kingdom of Talossa are non-hereditary honorific orders of chivalry to which citizens of Talossa may be admitted by action of the King in recognition of extraordinary service to the Talossan nation or culture. Knighthood carries the title Sir (for males) and Dame (for females).

Four orders of knighthood have been created in Talossa, although only one is currently in use:

Members of the orders of knighthood are entitled to bear achievements of arms augmented by a belt (coloured according to the particular order), a helm, and a motto. In recent years, knighthoods have typically been bestowed by King John only in extraordinary grants of honours, issued during TalossaFest.

Knights Bachelor

Knighthood may also be granted without affiliating the recipient with any of the orders of chivalry. Recipients of such grants are known as Knights Bachelor. Knights Bachelor are entitled to bear achievements of arms augmented by a helm and motto. One Talossan has received such a grant:

  • Sir Sean Hert, now inactive. Sir Sean was one of the original ("Mercury 7") cybercits. His service as Secretary of State beginning in 1996 enabled Talossa to successfully make the transition from a predominantly snail-mail to a predominantly online administration of government, a service for which he was created Knight Bachelor by King Robert I.