Permanent Secretary of Cultural Development

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The Permanent Secretary of Cultural Development is a nonpartisan office of the Royal Civil Service within the Ministry of Culture. It effectively replaces the political position of National Gamemaster, in addition to other non-related cultural duties.

The current Permanent Secretary of Cultural Development is Eiric Börnatfiglheu, appointed on October 28th 2018/XXXIX by Commissioner Flip Molinar.


The creation of the post was proposed to the Civil Service Commission of the 51st Cosa on December 10th by then-Culture Minister Miestrâ Schivâ. The post was approved by the Commission on December 27th. Civil Service Commissioner Txoteu Davinescu opened the hiring process on January 4th 2018/XXXIX, but it did not yield any complete applications.

The hiring process would only resume after the creation of the Royal Civil Service later in 2018. New Commissioner Flip Molinar opened the recruiting process on October 22nd, and on October 28th Molinar recommended to the King the appointment of Eiric Börnatfiglheu as the first Permanent Secretary.


  • commemorating national holidays
  • the role of National Gamemaster, as described in Lexh. C.2.7.1
  • offering advice to the Minister of Culture on all cultural issues
  • giving recommendations to the Cabinet on applications for Initiative Support Funding