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Each of the Provinces of Talossa mantains a Provincial assembly. A member of each Assembly may be appointed by its party after an election (Atatürk, Benito, Cézembre, Florencia, Maritiimi-Maxhestic), or may enter the Assembly just asking to do so (Fiôvâ, Maricopa, Vuode).

List of Provincial Assemblies

Province Assembly Number of seats Election conducted by
Atatürk House of Commons 20 By the Chancery
Benito Legislative Chancellery 11 By the Chancery
Cézembre L'Etats de Cézembre 20 By the Chancery
Fiôvâ General Assembly Variable By wish of a citizen
Florencia Nimlet 14 12 seats conducted by the Chancery, 1 seat to the Governor, 1 seat to the Senator
Maricopa Cleivi Variable By wish of a citizen
Maritiimi-Maxhestic Assembly Variable By the Province
Vuode Estats Xhenerais Variable By wish of a citizen