Royal Civil Service

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Royal Civil Service
Current Head: No single head
Function: Nonpartisan branch of the State dedicated to various apolitical tasks

The Royal Civil Service is the branch of the State that supplanted the Royal Household pursuant to the Royal Civil Service (Establishment) Bill of 2018. These officers retain their positions between changes of Government, and may only be dismissed for cause.

It was initially administered by a Commissioner; however, that office was abolished in 2019. The appointment of Permanent Secretaries is now recommended by the relevant Minister.

Statutory offices

See also The Seneschál's List.

The Royal Civil Service encompasses a number of nonpartisan statutory offices, listed in the order they appear into law:

Office Head Job
Chancery Secretary of State Glüc da Dhi Administration of elections and the legislative process
Scribery Scribe of Abbavilla Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h Recording Talossan law
Archives Royal Archivist Preserving historical information
Treasury Burgermeister of Inland Revenue Istefan Perþonest, S.H. Holding Talossa's financial assets
Royal Society President Ián M.T. Tamorán, S.H. Promoting academic study

Permanent Secretaries

Permanent Secretaries are members of the Royal Civil Service who lead Offices within the various Cabinet ministries. These offices are not set into law; rather, the relevant Minister publishes a job description for the position, and the King then appoints a candidate to the post (see El Lexhatx C.1.1.1). Previously, the Royal Civil Service Commission was responsible for the process.

Permanent Secretaries are appointed to indefinite terms, akin to the other offices of the Royal Civil Service.

No Permanent Secretaries are currently in office. Previously existing Permanent Secretary roles were:

Office Ministry
Cultural Development Secretary Ministry of Culture
Immigration Secretary Ministry of the Interior
Ladîntsch Naziunál Ministry of Culture
Cabinet Secretary Office of the Seneschál

The first two offices were created under the old Civil Service regulations: the post was proposed by a Minister, the position confirmed and the job requirements finalized by the Civil Service Commission of the Cosa (not to be confused with the Royal Civil Service Commission), and a candidate appointed by the Civil Service Commissioner. Both offices were unfilled by the time the Civil Service was merged with the Royal Household into the new Royal Civil Service; this would have merged the duties of the CS Commission and CS Commissioner into the new Royal Civil Service Commission, an office composed of the sole Royal Civil Service Commissioner.

The latter two offices were created under the much streamlined current regulations, after the Royal Civil Service Commissioner was abolished: the creation and job description parts of the job are now performed by the relevant Minister, and the appointment part is done by the King.

Other offices of State

Other offices of State that are either currently part of the Royal Civil Service, or were part of the Royal Household at some point, or are otherwise associated with the Royal Civil Service include:

Office Head Job
National Bar of Talossa Chancellor Dame Litz Cjantscheir, UrN Supervision of the practice of law in Talossa
Royal College of Arms Squirrel King of Arms The Baron Hooligan Administration of heraldry
Poet Laureate of the Kingdom of Talossa Óïn Ursüm Composition of Talossan poetry