Royal Civil Service

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The Royal Civil Service is the branch of the State that supplanted the Royal Household pursuant to the Royal Civil Service (Establishment) Bill of 2018.

It encompasses a number of nonpartisan offices, listed in the order they appear into law:

Office Head Job
Commission Commissioner Flip Molinar Administration of the Civil Service
Chancery Secretary of State Glüc da Dhi Administration of elections and the legislative process
Scribery Scribe of Abbavilla Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h Recording Talossan law
Archives Royal Archivist Preserving historical information
Treasury Burgermeister of Inland Revenue Istefan Perþonest Holding Talossa's financial assets
Royal Society President Ian Tamoran Promoting academic study

Other offices of State that are either currently part of the Royal Civil Service, or were part of the Royal Household at some point, or are otherwise associated with the Royal Civil Service include: