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Wargames Bureau
Part of the:
Ministry of Culture
Current Head: Munditenens Tresplet
Function: To stimulate the Talossan spirit of Competition

The Wargames Bureau (Büreu dals Zuerietâs) is a sub-branch of the Ministry of Culture, and exists to stimulate competition between Talossan citizens through the use of war strategy games such as Diplomacy, through seasonal Fantasy Sports Games, by assissting in conduction of ever important Talossan Football games, and by assissting with and encouraging competitions sponsored by non-governmental organizations, such as the Maricopan Poker Tournament. The Bureau has historically served a vital role in the defence of the Kingdom by preparing her citizens to be ready for "anything that is thrown at them".

The Bureau is administered by the Xhumestreu Naziunál, or National Gamemaster, who is legislatively bound to answer to the code name "Joshua". The current National Gamemaster is Munditenens Tresplet, who was appointed by the former Minister of Culture Viteu Marcianüs.

Beginning with the 2012 Talossan Football League season, the Wargames Bureau has tasked itself with providing physical trophies or awards to winners of the Wargames that it helps to conduct.

Wargames Being Conducted

Fantasy Sports Leagues:

Past Wargames

Fantasy Sports Leagues:

Conducted in cooporation with outside organizations: