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Wittenberg (also known as Witt or less correctly The Witt) is the name used in Talossa for the Kingdom’s privately administered on-line discussion forum. It is currently hosted on Proboards.

The forum contains several individual "Boards", which serve to make it easier to keep different sorts of conversations (and business) separate and organized. Confusingly enough, “Wittenberg” is also the name of the most important of the Boards, the one at the top of the list that’s advertised as a “General all-purpose forum for discussing all things Talossan”. Each Board contains many Threads (conversations); each Thread contains any number of Posts (individual contributions to a conversation). Wittenberg posts show up on Google searches.

Every Talossan citizen is urged to have an account on Wittenberg, and most do. Besides citizens, accounts are given to prospective citizens and (by the Prime Minister’s special invitation) to non-citizen guests.

The administrators of Wittenberg are Lord Hooligan and King John. The administrators have power to edit, move, or delete posts; to move or delete entire threads; to reset passwords, change account settings, suspend accounts, even banish users permanently. Because of its importance to the national dialogue (since so many citizens are cybercits), there are some laws and regulations[1] that govern the administration of Wittenberg, but it nonetheless remains a private enterprise. This accounts for the nature of "Wittiquette," the rules of propriety that are enforced on Wittenberg. It also accounts for the administrators' ability to take occasional direct action, as when plagiarism[2] or obscenities are edited out.


Wittenberg was created by Ryan Hughes is 1997. It got its name as an appropriate place for people to post things (like Martin Luther posting his theses to the doors of Wittenberg Cathedral). Each time the host has changed, the number has been incremented.

Wittenberg I - Charles Sauls created the first Wittenberg. It had a black background and a particular feel that would later become iconic, and was repeatedly imitated. Wittenberg II - When Sauls departed the country, Jon Peck took over. It was only used a short time. Wittenberg III - This was the second version administered by Peck. It was intended to fix technical problems found in Witt II, but had many problems of its own. It was abandoned in short order. Wittenberg IV - The third Witt with Peck as Wittmeister, this version saw long use. Wittenberg V - The first Witt to be set up and administer by Robert I. Wittenberg VI - 10 Feb 2000/XXI Wittenberg VII - This short-lived board only existed during the transition between Witt VI and Witt VIII. Wittenberg VIII Wittenberg IX Wittenberg X - Wittenberg X entered service in February 2003. It was the version of Wittenberg in service at the time of formation of the Republic of Talossa and was seized as the forum of the Republic from 1 June 2004/XXV. Wittenberg XI - The current Proboards forum Wittenberg XII - The now-defunct board used by the Republic of Talossa, after they stopped using Witt X. It was abandoned and archived after Reunision.

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