Law:The Anti-Welfare (Substitute Bill) Act

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The Anti-Welfare (Substitute Bill) Act

Whereas Ron Rosalez has raised the important issue of welfare, and Whereas his bill's extreme tone will probably doom it, but Whereas the Issue remains important, Therefore the Cosâ thanks the honourable Member for Atatürk for raising the issue, and enacts the following as a general principle of RT polity: "Talossa recognises basic health care as a right to be guaranteed by the government, endorsing in principle a Canadian-style system. The RT further undertakes to initiate no social welfare programme which pays people not to work. The foundation of Talossan society is activity, and any RT welfare programme must demand responsible behaviour in exchange for social assistance. Able-bodied persons will be expected to accept workfare jobs in exchange for welfare payments, and no welfare recipient may under any circumstances be permitted to voluntarily have children. Any Talossan social welfare administration must enforce these guidelines through all conceivable means."

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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