Law:Official National Pastime Act II

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Official National Pastime Act II

The wargaming/military simulation hobby has been and continues to be a major activity of several leading RT Citizens, including the King, PM Buffone, Wes Erni, Jack Schneider, Nick Kovac and myself. It not only includes gaming of a military nature, but political and purely fanciful ones as well. it's a great outlet, and allows guys to make use of pent-up testosterone in a harmless, non-agressive way (take note, peaceniks!). It has served not only as a form of national glue, but is laregly responsible for many of the above-named Citizens joining the RT in the first place. For these reasons, the Cosâ confers upon "Wargaming" the title "Official National Pastime." Please?

Proposed by: John A. Jahn (PC-Maritiimi)

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