Law:The Cosâ Heraldry Act

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The Cosâ Heraldry Act

Whereas the Cosâ is (with the exception of the Monarchy, of course) Talossa's oldest and most venerable institution, it deserves some heraldic glitter. The Cosâ hereby approves the emblem at left as the official emblem of the Cosâ. It is a "portcullis", an ancient heraldic sign for the legislature as bulwark of the rights of the people. Furthermore, the Cosâ officially adopts green as its official colour, in honour of the fact that the first CLARK ever had a green cover sheet. The secretary of State is encouraged to work these into future Clarks, if it is convenient to do so.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

'Scribe Note: the image referred to may be seen here: 17RC17Portcullis.gif

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