Law:The Mindless Patriotism Holiday Act

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The Mindless Patriotism Holiday Act

Whereas, Talossa has no official holiday during the month of March, the Cosâ hereby enacts the following:

Henceforth, every March 31st shall be designated Mindless Patriotism Day in the RT, and shall be an official holiday in the Kingdom. This holiday commemorates the passage that day of two important, patriotic laws by the Cosa in 1993. Those were the laws creating "Wargaming" as our "Official National Passtime," and food served at Taco Bell as our "Official National Cuisine." Every March 31st, Talossans are urged to play, read about, or work on designing a wargame, and dine at Taco Bell. (Well, they should be doing those things every week of every month, but especially so on March 31!)

Proposed by: John A. Jahn (PC-M-M)

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