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22RZ15 — The C.F.T. Act

WHEREAS the C.F.T. (communauté francophone de Talossa) would like to be an organisation for the protection and promotion of French, and

WHEREAS the C.F.T. respects the law, the Prime Minister and the King of Talossa,

THEREFORE the Cosâ hereby votes to give the C.F.T. the right to lead its own business and to be an official organisation in Talossa.

Scribe's Notes

  1. Records indicating the fate of this bill are not in the possession of the Scribery. However, this bill did pass into law, according to the preparatory clauses of The Non-Official Language Week Act (although that bill, whose fate is also unknown, may have been written without perfect knowledge, as it was considered on the same Clark as this). In any case, this bill is now categorised as ephemeral, since the C.F.T. became defunct.

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