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Establishing The Talossan Royal Navy

I, your Prime Minister, Chirischtôval C. Lauramáintsch, with all my powers and stuff, do announce this Prime Dictate:

WHEREAS other nations have a navy; and

WHEREAS we sure could use one, even if just to say "Hey, we got a navy!"; and

WHEREAS it doesn't have to consist of warships or really big boats; now

THEREFORE we hereby commission a Talossan Royal Navy, to consist of any boat so chosen by the Minister of Defence and the Sub-Minister of the Navy, be it a model ship to a Cub Scout Regatta boat, to a kick-butt yacht.

ALSO: That the classes of ships shall be divided into three classes.

TALOSSA Class: ships named after places in and of Talossa (e.g., HMS Maricopa); DONATUS Class: ships named after people who have helped make Talossa one heck of a nation (e.g., HMS Weston J. Erni); CONSTITUZIUN Class: ships named after objects, events, or ideals that have become a part of Talossa's rich history (e.g., HMS Wittenberg). ALSO: All names and qualifications may be changed at the discretion of the Defence Minister and the Sub-Minister of the Navy, but they can't go nuts with it. C.C.L. Chirischtôval C. Lauramáintsch Seneschal

Scribe's Note: This was the second attempt to establish a Navy (see 6RC57). The Talossan Royal Navy (El Marì Rexhitál Talossán) as organized today, wasn't finally fully formed until passage of 35RZ32 - The Naval Reorganization Act

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