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The Pompous Language Act

WHEREAS Citizen Matthew Paul Dabrowski proposed to the People of Talossa, in their hallowed Wittenberg, using a Phrase in the National Language of the Kingdom, Talossa for His Majesty's Response to Bills sent to His Majesty from the Ziu of this Kingdom; and

WHEREAS His Majesty, speaking with His Royal Dignity and as Guru to Our Nation, added that He looked Upon this Suggestion with His Royal Favor;

THEREFORE His Majesty, when affixing His Royal Seal to Bills sent to him by this Ziu, may exclaim with all His Royal Royal-ness in the National Language of Our Nation, "El Regeu en volt."; and

THEREFORE His Majesty, when acting out His Constitutional and Traditional Duty to Protect the Citizens of His Kingdom from Poor Government, decides to Withhold His Royal Seal from said Bill sent by said Ziu, may exclaim with all His Truth-and-Justice-ness in said National Language of said Kingdom, "El Regeu non en volt."

Uréu q'estadra så: Matt Dabrowski - (PC-Vuode)

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