Law:The Give Us (and Especially Johan) a Break Act

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The Give Us (and Especially Johan) a Break Act

WHEREAS numerous Talossans (and I mean *numerous*!) have complained to me about the fact that it is a waste of time and demoralizing to have to wade through dozens of bills on the Clark, at least two of which on each of the last two Clarks has been inorganic; and

WHEREAS this is affecting the morale of the Ziu and leading to short tempers and a feeling of disgust and perhaps even suicidal tendencies;

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby strongly suggests that the culprit(s) who have been submitting tons o' bills each month please refrain from doing so, and limit your bill submissions to five at the very most for each Clark; and furthermore,

That if there is the SLIGHTEST problem with any bill in excess of five (misspellings, inorganicity, etc.) that the Secretary of State be empowered to refuse to put same on the Clark.

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