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The Grecian Formula Act

WHEREAS The author of this bill has made the haxh and had the opportunity to eat a huge rack of lamb, which he does not recommend unless someone is really hungry, at Grecian Delight and;

WHEREAS The food was great and the company was superb and;

WHEREAS Grecian Delight was the site of many constitutional deliberations in the past and;

WHEREAS It has become a "place to be" for Talossans;

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby confers the status of National Historic Site to Grecian Delight, makes "The Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name " to be the official slogan of the restaurant for tourism/marketing purposes, and encourages all haxhis to pay a visit to Grecian Delight during their stay in the fatherland.

Uréu q'estadra så: Davïu Foctéir - (RCT-Atatürk)

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